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Ho ho ho!

Christmas is pending, the perfect time of year to ponder about your questions and goals of life. Do you have a secret wish? Is there something you desire above all? World peace, or perhaps something more practical? Entrust it to Santa Claus!

Together with my elves at TopOfMind, I have created this creative online experience for kids of all ages. Write your Christmas letter and wishes below, and hit the 'Send'-button. Your message will be at The North Pole in no-time! I promise to write you a quick reply!

Give it a try, your wish might come true...

Dear Santa,

Thank you for you wish!

Santa's little helpers will take extra good care of your message and ask him personally to send you a reply.

So don't forget to check your email soon for a special message from Santa Claus. (if you can't find it, take a peek in your SPAM-folder, since Santa's magic works in mysterious ways...)

Best regards,

Santa's Little Helpers
(& TopOfMind)

Every wish is my command,

Santa Claus